Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Bloggiesta!

I'm participating in my first Bloggiesta challenge! It's hosted by Maw Books Blog, so head over there to learn all about it (and sign up). Now through Sunday, I hope to spend at least 10 hours blogging and work on the following blog stuff to improve my ramblings:

- Brainstorm and write future posts.
- Update my books read list
- Update my challenge page.
- Add more pages in addition to the challenges page (?)
- Reorganize the sidebar.
- Work on my review format and rating system.
- Look for a new profile picture to use.
- Update my BookCrossing profile.
- Register more books on BookCrossing.
- Update the spreadsheet of my books and BC status.
- Check out Goodreads and maybe make a profile (we'll see).
- Experiment with other design templates and colors.
- Catch up on my Google Reader subscriptions.
- Visit other bloggers and leave comments.

I'll cross off goals as I complete them and add updates to this post throughout the weekend.  It'll be great if I could get at least half the list done. Alright, let's get started!

Bloggiesta Update 1,  Friday 9:45pm
So far, I've updated my extended profile on BookCrossing including my pages read section.  I just realized that the new BookCrossing 2.0 doesn't have a preview option like it did before the upgrade.  Usually I catch a bunch of typos when I look at the previews.  Also missing: the preview for the journal entries.
Total time: 1.5 hours

Bloggiesta Update 2, Sunday 1:30pm
I couldn't spend much time blogging yesterday, but I brainstormed some future posts and new memes I might participate in weekly.  Today I've been on a roll.  I've knocked a bunch of goals off my list.  The biggest change is the blog template and color.  Orange is much brighter and lively than the drab gray before. I created another page for Reading Lists where I'll keep my "books read in 2010" (instead of listing it all in the sidebar) and my "TBR list".  Then I reorganized the boxes on the sidebar.  I still need to update my challenges page and visit other bloggers.
Total time: 6 hours

Bloggiesta Update 3, Sunday 4:00pm
Yes, I've made more progress!  I updated my challenges page and replaced some bad links that must have changed when BookCrossing upgraded to 2.0.  Then I transferred pictures from my camera to my laptop and changed my profile picture.  In this picture, I'm in the conservatory at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina (a beautiful place I visited over New Years).
Total time: 8.5 hours


  1. You have been doing really well on your list! How much fun is Bloggiesta right? :D

  2. Thanks Sheila. I gotta say that I loved the Bloggiesta! So much fun!