Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Hottest Graphic Novels of Summer 2010

GraphicNovelReporter.com compiled a list of the Hottest Graphic Novels of Summer 2010. It's divided into the categories of kids, tweens, teens, adult non-fiction and adult fiction.  Plus there's a printable list of all the catagories, which might be useful on the next trip to the comic book store.  Here's a few that look really cool to me.

In the TEEN category...

Legends: The Enchanted
by Nick Percival
Radical Publishing
On sale June 29

Reinventing the popular Grimms’ Fairy Tale characters in a fantasy action-adventure that mixes elements of X-Men and Sleepy Hollow, this book is set in a post-industrial steam-punk backdrop. Supernatural immortals live in a dark, creature-infested world where nature, technology, and foul magic are in constant conflict. When the twisted, burnt remains of the half-wooden, half-mechanical warrior Pinocchio are discovered, wolf hunter Red Hood and giant-killer Jack realize the fragile rules of their existence have been shattered. With the help of other powerful Enchanted (the mercenary Goldilocks and psychic exterminators Hansel and Gretel), Jack and Red team up on an adventure to stop whatever, or whoever, is destroying their powers and murdering their kind.

Stuff of Legend
by Mike Raicht, Brian Smith, and Charles Paul Wilson III
Random House Publishing Group
On sale now
Originally published by indie publisher Th3rd World Studios, this gorgeous comic will make you rethink everything you ever thought about the Boogeyman and your childhood dreams and nightmares. On the outside, it looks like a child’s story: A child is kidnapped and pulled into The Dark by the Boogeyman, and his beloved toys try to rescue him. On their perilous mission, they will confront the boy’s bitter and forgotten toys, as well as betrayal in their own ranks. Can they save the boy from the forces of evil, or will they all perish in the process?

In the ADULT FICTION category...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel
by Jane Austen, Seth Grahame-Smith; adapted by Tony Lee and Cliff Richards
Random House Publishing Group
On sale now
Based on the New York Times bestselling monster mashup! Who doesn’t love gory zombie mayhem with a dash of English manners?

18 Days
by Grant Morrison
Dynamic Entertainment
On sale August 10

From superstar creator Grant Morrison (All Star Superman, Batman & Robin, The Invisibles) comes 18 Days, the story of three generations of superwarriors, meeting for the final battle of their age. 18 Days is a reimagining of the great eastern myth Mahabharata and follows the course of the climactic war that concludes the age of the gods and begins the age of man. It is the prototype for every war ever fought. The scale is epic, wherein the biggest armies ever conceived of face one another across the ultimate battlefield to decide the fate of the future. This hardcover illustrated script book allows readers a first glimpse into the mythic animated series being developed by Morrison.