Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta Finish Line!

I'm wrapping up my first Bloggiesta challenge. Thanks Maw Books Blog for hosting the festivities. Although I didn't finish everything on my list, I completed a bunch of important stuff including:

- Changed my blog template and color scheme. I think it's an improvement. Now the blog has personality it was desperately lacking.  It's bright and more welcoming (well, at least I hope it is).
- Edited and organized the sidebar. I rewrote the About Me, reduced the list of book titles to the last 5 books I read, consolidated the challenge progress bars, and rearranged the boxes.
- Added a Reading List page that features my books read in 2010 and my TBR list.
- Updated my Reading Challenges page.
- Changed my profile picture.
- Updated my BookCrossing extended profile.
- Brainstormed and wrote several future meme posts.
- Commented on other blogs (Bloggiesta participants and other bloggers).

Unfortunately, I didn't participate in any of the mini-challenges, but that's always something I can shoot for next time.  Still it was a very productive weekend.
Total Time: 10 hours.  I achieved my goal! :) 

From one challenge to another...I'm participating in the HUGE TBR Readathon starting tomorrow, Monday June 14 at 8 am through Sunday June 20 at midnight.  I'll post more details tomorrow.


  1. Completing a goal is really all that matters! Good job. I like the colors of the new template!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Melissa! The Bloggiesta was a really fun (and productive) event.