Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 Challenges and Reading Progress

Spring semester is in full swing with a ton of required reading and papers due soon.  I haven't had much time for leisure reading (sad face) I'm looking forward to spring break.  I'll still have work, but at least I will hold my own little read-a-thon to catch up on my long TBR pile.

I'm participating in the same reading challenges as last year:
  • 2011 Pages Read Challenge: My goal is 15,000 (same as last year but I hope to actually reach it)
  • Read Ten 1001-Books (ditto above)
  • and continue the ongoing A-Z New Authors Read & Release Challenge
So far this year I've read 952 pages, about 6.3% of my pages read goal.  I'm hoping to actually reach that 15,000 pages read mark this year even though I'm behind in my pace from last year. I might try to focus on reading shorter books this year since I have a habit of starting 300+ page books and set them down without finishing.  It's not that these books are boring, but I sometimes get distracted with shorter stories which are faster to complete. Just an idea...we'll see what the year brings.

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