Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing...BookCrossing 2.0!

WOW! BookCrossing has a new face...BookCrossing 2.0 is up and running!  We BCers knew it would eventually happen, so I backed up my html code from my profile and hoped for the best.  It's very different from what I'm used to and here's some changes I've noticed and my thoughts about it so far:

- Your name and statistics are front and center.  That's pretty cool since the font of the statistics before seemed much smaller.

- I like that my website URL (yep this blog) is completely visible (before it felt hidden and unimportant).  

- Most of my profile is hidden and you have to select "extended profile" to view it.  I put a lot of effort into creating and updating my profile.  Other BCers can see that I'm active and I like to share my progress in reading challenges, so I'm a little bummed that it's not automatically visible. I hope BC makes this optional.

- I lost some friends. I had at least 19 and now I'm down to 15, so I have to figure out who's missing.

I'm going to explore the site for a week and get used to it before I form a complete opinion about it.  It's cool that the BC creators genuinely want our feedback to improve user satisfaction.  Based on some of the comments in the forum, it might take a while to get the kinks out.  We'll see...but for now I'm going over there to hang out.  Let me know what you think about the new BookCrossing.

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