Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reading Challenges Update and HP Deathly Hallows Pt.2

My summer semester is over!  WooHoo!  When I got home from work each day, grad school stuff enveloped all my time.  The summer semester was condensed and intensive.  The last six weeks was full of writing discussion board posts, researching legislative histories, reading scholarly articles and learning all about library reference.  I learned a lot this semester, but I'm so glad it's over.  Now I can get back to reading and BookCrossing...until the madness starts up again at the end of August.

I'm way behind on my reading challenges. Unbelievably, I didn't finish a book in June.  That's a first since I started to track of my books read in January 2010.  I began two books, but never got around to finishing them. I'll look out for any read-a-thons in the end of July or August to help get my reading goals back on track.

2011 Pages Read Challenge:
I really want to hit that 15,000 pages read goal, especially since I didn't make it last year. However, I'm further behind now that I was this time last year.  As of my last count (in the end of May), I'm at 4,645 pages read. That's only 30% of my goal.  Eek!  I have to step up my pace.

Read Ten 1001 Books Challenge:
I only read 1 book so far, Erewhon by Samual Butler (and I hated every moment of it). I'd like to read some Jane Austen, George Orwell, H.G. Wells, Margaret Atwood, and maybe even Franz Kafka if I'm feeling adventurous. I never like to list the next book I'll read because I always end up changing my mind.  I read whatever I crave in that moment.

A-Z New Author Read & Release Challenge:
It's been a while since I updated my list. This challenge takes so long because it only counts registered BookCrossing books that you read and release. So my library books and non-registered BC books don't count.  I completed 10 out of 26 letters so far. Here's the list.

Check out my Reading Challenges page for the lists of books I've read so far. 

On a completely different topic....

I'm going to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 midnight showing tonight!!!  I'm so excited to see it and I know I'll cry in the end.  With the last film, it feels like an era is ending.

I'm going with a group of people which is a first for me.  I usually go to midnight showings by myself because I can't find anyone to drag along with me.  Except of course for last year, when my husband and brother actually came with me for Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows.  When we got to the theater, there were firetrucks and hundreds of people outside all over the parking lot. Some idiot pulled the fire alarm before we got there and it was mayhem.  The theater had no idea how to handle the crowd and by the time they started to let people in, it was past midnight with huge unruly crowd of teenagers pushing and yelling.  What a nightmare!  We didn't stay that night, but were able to exchange our tickets that weekend.  In short, I'm not going back to that movie theater for a midnight showing ever again.

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