Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burn The Night by Jocelynn Drake Released!

Burn The Night by Jocelynn Drake was released today!!!  

I'm so excited to read the final book in the Dark Days series.  I bought my copy right after work and I plan on starting it tonight.  I love this series!  Here's a pic of all six volumes on my bookshelf.  Isn't the cover of Burn The Night amazing!?!  It's my favorite cover of the entire series.

Basic story premise (some spoilers):  Mira is a nightwalker (i.e. vampire) who is also known as the Fire Starter since she has the unique ability to create and control fire. In the first book Nightwalker, we meet sexy Danaus who is a nightwalker hunter (i.e. vampire slayer). Danaus and Mira postpone their fight to the death in order to face a common enemy, the naturi.  Lots of drama, fighting, death and several books later, Mira and Danaus survived many foes and are now FINALLY together. But they're up against their greatest challenges yet: kill the naturi roaming the Earth, save their supernatural society that the naturi will destroy, and maybe prevent or at least push back the Great Awakening (i.e. humans realizing all these supernatural beings exist).

Ok, that's a little oversimplified...or maybe I've lost you in my gushing ramblings anyway. If you like urban fantasy or just need a change in pace, give book one Nightwalker a shot.

Like all final books of a good series, I'm excited yet hesitant for it to come to an end.  Jocelynn Drake says it won't let fans down.  If Burn The Night is like the previous books, it will have action, betrayal, and steamy bedroom scenes (maybe a certain couple confessing undying love? Please?).  Jocelynn Drake, my high hopes are in your hands.  I could really use a great lose-yourself-completely-in-a-book reading experience with all my grad school stress.

Also, a Dark Days prequel novella is in the works for this fall, but will only be released as an ebook.  Drake is working on a new series called the Tattoo Artist. She explains the plot on this blog post. Can't wait! 

For more info, check out Jocelynn Drake's blog and website.

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